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Kili Partners

Unlocking Africa

Africa presents the most exciting market opportunities for growth and impact in our lifetime.

More stable governments, pro-development leadership, a growing consumer base, and an increasingly educated workforce have improved the business case for an already resource rich region. However, while the opportunities are real, nothing is straightforward and the data points are scarce. It is easy to get lost or never leave basecamp.

Kili Partners is an advisory, business and project development firm that assists clients to access growth opportunities and markets across the African continent. With deep experience and relationships in multiple African markets, we help our clients and partners navigate public and private sector terrain in order to create opportunities for commercial success and prosperity.

We also offer internationalisation services in the Americas and Asia.

What we do


Business Development

Professional Services

We work with leading companies and investors to unlock and develop opportunities in the most dynamic sectors across the African continent:

Our Services

Business Development and Export Desk
Tender Desk
Specialized Business Services
  • Advisory and Consulting

    We offer strategic advisory to guide market entry and business expansion supporting your company in trade or investment decisions, from planning to implementation.

    We provide you with market and business intelligence, insights, access, business planning.

    We also offer bespoke financial consulting services and solutions for your transactions in Africa including:

    • Transaction management and advisory - buy side and sell side.
    • Financial and business modelling.
    • Valuation services.
    • Financial and commercial due diligence.
  • Expanding our clients' footprint in Africa

    Expanding your footprint in Africa, identifying the best opportunities and the right partners in the market. Develop your business in Africa in the most time and cost effective manner.



    Our business development services are suitable for companies that want to make a direct investment and establish themselves in a particular market. Companies can be new to African markets or already present and planning to expand in the region.



    Outsource a Business Development Manager to develop your business in new markets.



    We assist your company in developing exports and sales in Africa, through a continuous and active presence in your target markets.

    We provide you with a commercial outpost on the ground: our team will work on behalf of your company to extend your reach and create business opportunities in local projects, and with potential clients, partners, distributors, or agents.



    Outsource an Export Manager to export to new markets.

  • Increasing business opportunities for our clients in Africa

    Tenders sponsored by international financial institutions and international donors such as the World Bank, the European Union, the United Nations, the African Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank,  are extraordinary opportunities to develop your business in Africa.

    Funding from international institutions is crucial for the social and economic development of African countries: the international tenders figures are growing steadily, year on year (in 2021 the total finance for tenders in Africa was approximately USD 70 billion).

    Tenders are also a great opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises: you do not need to be a large company to participate in tenders and to be awarded contracts.



    The Temporary Tender Manager Service offers a highly-experienced professional advisor (TTM), capable of leading the Client’s team on specific tender bidding projects. The TTM is a valuable resource for your company who will build internal capacity within your organisation and develop a new business unit dedicated to tenders. 

    The service includes: tender market research and analysis, training for your team and capacity building, tender scouting, coordination of the bidding process for various tenders, local partner search, after bid services.

  • One-stop shop for your business needs in Africa

    We are able to address all the needs a company could have in a foreign market.

    Through our network of first-class experts and partners, you have access to specialized professional services in the fields of:

    • Due Diligence
    • Recruitment, Executive Search and Contracting
    • Strategic Communications and Reputation Management
    • Occupational Health & Safety
    • Environmental Management
    • Quality Management
    • Company Registration
    • Virtual Office

Who we are

Our leadership team has extensive commercial and advisory experience across the African continent, and have a connected and trusted network of influence, insight, and access that enable Kili’s clients to identify, evaluate, and unlock high growth opportunities in complex African markets.

We work with experienced and seasoned professionals with deep knowledge and understanding of the local markets.


Natalia Sánchez Herrera

Founder and Managing Partner

Having lived and worked in more than 15 countries, Natalia has extensive experience in emerging markets in Africa, Eurasia and Latin America.

She has met hundreds of policy makers and business leaders for the production of investment reports published in Fortune Magazine, BusinessWeek Bloomberg and other international media. This exposure has given her a wide understanding of growth opportunities in different markets and industries. As Manager of the Africa Desk at Rödl&Partner she assisted non-African investors and international institutions with their African projects. She also managed West Africa for Africa Investor and was Country Director in South Africa for Oxford Business Group.

Her 20 years of experience in emerging markets and business development include leadership roles in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Morocco, Cape Verde, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Maldives. Natalia also consults for European, African, and Latin American companies wanting to invest, trade or establish business relations across regions.

Natalia is co-founder and managing partner of Kili Partners, an advisory, business development and project management firm that assists clients to access growth opportunities and markets across the African continent. She is also a member of the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa, a member of the Institute of Business Advisors of South Africa, member of the advisory board of the Madrid Start-Up Community Forum and in the global leadership dialogue of the GIZ and Asian Development Bank focused on gender and governance.

Natalia has a postgraduate in Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Cape Town. She holds a BA in International Relations and Diplomacy obtained in Paris and Heidelberg. She speaks Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, and German and is currently learning Mandarin.


Francesco Gastaldon

Partner and Manager Europe

Francesco has extensive experience in consulting for Italian and foreign companies in international markets, with a special focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. He worked for private and public entities in Italy and abroad, advising private sector clients and business associations on international investment strategies in emerging markets.

As Africa Desk Manager at Rödl&Partner, Francesco coordinated the business advisory activities of the firm for Italian clients, organising and managing development projects for Italian companies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

He was previously a Business Development Manager at Promos – Special Agency of Milan Chamber of Commerce for International Affairs, where he was in charge of business consultancy projects in emerging and frontier markets. He designed and implemented projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, South East Asia, South America.

Francesco holds a BA in Economics from the University of Bologna, and pursued his MA in International Development studying at the University of Bologna, the University of Copenhagen and the University of California, Berkeley.


Mwambu Wanendeya

Partner - Advisor East and West Africa

Mwambu Wanendeya has lived and worked across Africa, Europe and the Middle East for almost 30 years. He is a professional who has run teams across Africa for advocacy organisations, multinationals and start-ups. He has headed up award winning global and pan African teams for listed companies, during high growth periods, including Ecobank, Ericsson, Barclays, and Celtel. Mwambu spent almost a decade working in development and diplomacy at the London based Commonwealth Secretariat and during this period he extensively travelled and worked across the 53 member states around Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Pacific. He has an extensive senior network around the world.

Mwambu is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council. He is also a member of the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa (IoDSA) and of the African Leadership Network (ALN). He has a B.Eng from Imperial College, London and speaks English and French.


Husameldin Elnasri


Husameldin is an experienced business strategy and business development professional with more than 17 years of active work in Africa and the Middle East. During his successful career, he worked with companies of different sizes and industries: large conglomerates, consortiums, startups, NGOs, social enterprises and Fortune 100 companies. Husameldin expertise is business strategy, with a special focus on market entry and strategy re-calibration.

Husameldin is an award-winning MBA (Lancaster University, UK) and Tutu African Leadership Fellow (Oxford University, UK), and studied at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and Khartoum (Sudan).


Matsi Modise

Partner - SMEs

Dynamic Entrepreneur,  Business Leader and  Investor.

Matsi has a passion for making a meaningful contribution to Africa and to drive the African agenda of growth. After starting her career in the banking sector, Matsi quickly found her passion for business, enterprise and supplier development. Her speciality is in building digital and physical entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Matsi serves on numerous public and private sector boards as an advisor and non-executive director. She is an international keynote speaker, thought leader and an active member of the World Economic Forum as she sits on their Global Panel of experts

Matsi is founder of Furaha Afrika Holdings, and involved with SiMODiSA – an industry association with the mission of accelerating entrepreneurship by collaborating with policy makers to enhance the success rate of high impact, high growth entrepreneurs in South Africa.


We have worked on client projects across energy, telecommunications, technology, healthcare, design, infrastructure, construction, real estate, food, agribusiness, manufacturing. Our services can address the needs of multinational and large companies, as well as those of SMEs. Case studies on most recent clients are available on request.